Web Audio Weekly reaches almost 2,000 subscribers per issue and is one of the most widely-read sources of news for Web Audio, Web MIDI and related technologies. Running an advert in Web Audio Weekly is a great way to hire a new developer or promote a product.

I only run a maximum of 1 advert per issue. Here’s what you need to know:

  • An advert costs £199 + VAT
  • You have space for around 100 words and a link in the main body of Web Audio Weekly. Your post will be marked as “sponsored”.
  • Your advertisement will be included in the next available issue or in a specific week you choose
  • Your advert will also appear permanently in the archive on this site
  • I will mention your job vacancy or service on the @webaudioweekly twitter account.

To advertise contact me by email at advertise@webaudioweekly.com and we’ll sort out the details.