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Hello! Welcome to the March edition of Web Audio Weekly. I hope these projects bring you a little inspiration and distraction. If they do, please forward this letter to someone so that they can subscribe too. A little support on Buy Me a Coffee is also always appreciated. Stay safe and healthy, friends.

-- Chris

Roland50 Studio


Roland's 808303 studio (see #109) has had a major update. The obvious change is the addition of the venerable SH-101 synth to the lineup of classic devices. It remains polished, full-sounding and great fun.

Strudel - Tidal Cycles for JavaScript


Strudel is a pattern-based live coding language for the browser from the Tidal Cycles project. It's described as an experimental project but already has a great interactive, musical tutorial.

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Web Audio Conf 2022 deadline extended


The deadline for talk submissions for the 2022 Web Audio Conference has been extended to the 15th April, so you have a few more weeks to submit. You can also apply for a diversity ticket.



Glicol is a computer music language and an audio DSP library written in Rust. The Web Audio angle here is that the Glicol audio engine can be compiled to Web Assembly and run in an AudioWorklet, allowing the same Glicol program to run on the web, in a VST or on a microcontroller board like the Bela.


Intersymmetric is a collaborative live coding environment built by James Bradbury, Mark Fell and Rian Treanor and commisioned for the 2022 Algorithmic Art Assembly.



A magical collection of interactive music theory tools & visual reference pages for musicians and music producers

Ambient Sound Generator


A much-needed moment of musical peace from composer and sound artist Yota Morimoto.

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