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Venn 7. Symmetric 7-Venn Diagrams as a Musical Interface.


You're probably familar with the three overlapping circles that form the traditional Venn diagram. It turns out to be surprisingly complicated to create simple Venn diagrams with 7 circles. The about page (click on the ?) and github repo give a lot of fascinating history and background about the mathematics behind these diagrams while the app itself maps the seven circles to a diatonic scale to create a strange but beautiful instrument.



Handel is a small procedural programming language for writing songs in the browser. It's an interesting hybrid of live-coding and musical notation. There's a handy web-editor to try too - it could just do with a few more examples.

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Castor & Pollux User Guide


This is an interactive user manual for a Eurorack synth module. These things tend to be expensive and there's a whole cottage industry of YouTube reviews and demos. The user guide for this module has another way you can try-before-you-buy. It features sound demos and animated waveshape visualisations interspersed in the documentation. Simple but very effective.

Woscillators - Mutable Instruments Plaits in the browser


A port of Emilie Gillet's open-source Plaits instrument to the browser. Victor has converted and compiled the source code of Plaits to Web Assembly to create this application. There's a faint, grey loudspeaker icon next to the gain slider that will start the sound and an LFO section to provide some modulation.

SuperCollider ported to WebAssembly


We've had browser ports of CSound and PureData but this is the first attempt I've seen to port James McCartney's venerable SuperCollider synthesis engine to the browser using Wasm. In the link above you can boot the server, and then run SuperCollider code in the browser console. Or watch this video for a demo.



This recreation of the classic Roland drum machine and synth combination was released last year to coincide with the London Design Museum's Electronic Music exhibition. Beautifully executed and easy to get lost in. And if you're in need of some jaw-dropping inspiration try this virtuoso performance of another classic Roland drum machine by Jeff Mills.

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