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Nokia Composer


The Nokia Composer was a feature in classic Nokia phones (such as the Nokia 3310) which allowed you to program your own ringtones using a simple music notation language. You can annoy strangers like it's 2000 all over again.

In loving memory of being touched


A series of touch simulation pieces written for a hand-built device that uses electrical nerve stimulation to simulate touch. Described by the maker as "closest thing to touch available in quarantine during The 2020 Novel Coronavirus Pandemic". There's a companion WebMIDI application that allows users to create their own sequences and send them to their loved ones.

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Project One Synth


Project One Synth is a modular synthesis environment built using P5.js and the Web Audio API. It also supports MIDI controller input on Chrome using Web MIDI.

Darkwave - Guitar Synthesiser


Darkwave is a browser-based guitar synthesiser. It analyses audio input (ideally from a guitar plugged into an audio interface, but it works with microphone input too) in realtime and turns it into synth sounds. A neat feture is that all of the parameters are serialised into the URL, so it's easy to bookmark or share your favourite patches.

Let's create a custom audio player


An in-depth article on how to add custom behaviour and styles to an audio playing using the <audio> tag and the HTMLAudioElement interface.

Beatport DJ - in-browser DJing


Create Digital Music have this first-look at Beatport's new in-browser DJing tool. The tool is currently in closed beta, but this article gives a good overview of its features. It certainly looks like one of the more high-profile and advanced audio applications to appear on the web platform and if it lives up to its promise of being stable enough for live performance it will be a major achievement. I'd love to learn more about how it was built - if you were involved in making it and would like to chat get in touch.

Decolonizing Electronic Music Starts With Its Software


With the release of two free programs that encourage experimentation with global tuning systems, the musician and researcher Khyam Allami is challenging the Western biases of music production software.

An interesting article on the broader cultural significance of Khyam Allami's microtonal work we covered in issue 112.

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