Music Blocks

A very fun 2-dimensional sequencer with elements of randomness and Game of Life-style emergent behaviour. There’s some really innovative elements in here, such as the “effect blocks” which influence the behaviour of notes that collide with them. Hard to describe but really enjoyable to play with.

Anniversary of the Birth of Hip Hop Google Doodle

Google celebrates 44 years since Kool Herc’s “back to school jam” with this Web Audio-powered Doodle. Take the tutorial and then see if you can recreate Kool Herc’s innovation: stretching an instrumental break by mixing between two identical records.

2048fm: An FM Synth is 2048 bytes

An FM synthesiser that runs in your browser, features 6 operators, 32-voice polyphony, arbitrary operator routing and leaves enough space on a 3 1/2” floppy disk for the complete works of Shakespeare.

Stochastic Drum Machine

Another innovative Code Pen from Tero Parviainen. This drum machine has a familiar grid-based interface but creates ever-changing rhythms but introducing randomness.

Web Audio enthusiasts in LA?

If you’re a Web Audio enthusiast in LA, David Zernik would like to meet you. Perhaps there’s the beginnings of a Web Audio meetup in the city? Reply to this email and I’ll put you in touch.

File under: Math Rock

The trace is generated by a set of three chaotic differential equations that describe the x, y and z coordinates. The three-dimensional attractor produced can be viewed in the x-y, x-z, and z-y planes.

The equations are solved by the Fourth-Order Runge-Kutta method.

A single parameter of each system is bound to the chaos slider, which changes the attractor’s behaviour from stable to chaotic.

Sounds great! Or does it?