Friday night is music night remixed

For a special performance of film music broadcast by BBC Radio 2, BBC R&D created a prototype that allows the listener to ‘zoom in’ on sections of the orchestra. A total of 4 individual mixes of the recording were made and by zooming in on the video, the balance between the four is changed - this allows you to hear the strings, brass, woodwind or percussion in more detail.

Charanga seek full-time web audio developer

Charanga is recruiting a full-time web audio javascript developer to work in its Brighton, UK, seaside office (no remote work, sorry!). Salary up to £38.5K depending on experience. Closing date for applications is March 5th, 2017.

They operate over 100 websites, a couple of iOS/Android apps, a PC, Mac and Linux desktop app and a suite of music education apps, all built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Charanga is used in more than 6500 schools in the UK, by tens of thousands of teachers and pupils, and we are currently expanding globally.

Building web-audio applications to support curriculum, instrumental and electronic music-teaching in the classroom, your initial projects will be a secondary school composition and vocal recording application, and a music-theory training application.


Clubber is a library for the visualization of sound using frequency analysis. It abstracts away a lot of the complexity in building this kind of application. Clubberize wraps a lot of the code in a modular way that makes it easy to use in your own projects.

In brief

Web Audio benchmarks

A suite of benchmarks designed to test the performance of “native” Web Audio code against various other methods of synthesising sound - including ScriptProcessorNode in the main thread, on a worker thread and using WebAssembly. This type of benchmark should be very useful when ScriptProcessorNode is eventually replaced with an AudioWorklet node.

Online tone generator

A simple pure-tone generator - useful for tuning instruments, simple science experiments and testing audio equipment (including your own ears!)

BEEP: A documentary history of game sound

An award-winning documentary about the musicians, sound designers and programmers that have contributed to the history of computer game music. The full documentary is available to buy, but there’s a trailer and a series of “webisodes” (full, unedited interviews) available for free.