Finding Love

Finding Love is a fully interactive, Virtual Reality story that transforms emotions into art. Moving through five distinct chapters, you experience the journey purely through visuals and sound.

For the full virtual-reality experience you’ll need an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Google Cardboard device, but the experience is still pretty mesmerising when viewed in a regular browser. The case study gives all the technical details.

Charanga seek full-time web audio developer

Charanga is recruiting a full-time web audio javascript developer to work in its Brighton, UK, seaside office (no remote work, sorry!). Salary up to £38.5K depending on experience. Closing date for applications is March 5th, 2017.

They operate over 100 websites, a couple of iOS/Android apps, a PC, Mac and Linux desktop app and a suite of music education apps, all built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Charanga is used in more than 6500 schools in the UK, by tens of thousands of teachers and pupils, and we are currently expanding globally.

Building web-audio applications to support curriculum, instrumental and electronic music-teaching in the classroom, your initial projects will be a secondary school composition and vocal recording application, and a music-theory training application.

You can play the blues!

Jam along to a blues backing track with this fun guitar simulator. The application has done the hard work of picking the notes for you - you just have to choose which ones to play!

Web Audio Meetup in Berlin

On the 22nd February SoundCloud are hosting another get-together for Web Audio enthusiasts at their office in Berlin.

Inside the Roland RE-201 Space Echo

An 3D, animated explanation of the inner workings of a classic Roland tape delay device.

Learn to code electronic music tools with JavaScript

This free course from Goldsmiths University looks like it will be an excellent introduction into JavaScript programming and the Web Audio API.

Noises Online

Create your own unique blend of relaxing, background-noise-blocking sounds to help you concentrate while you work.


Beadz is an experimental, polymetric drum machine. Along with the familiar grid-style interface for laying out loops, you can also set a probability that each sound will be played, creating endlessly shifting rhythms from simple patterns.

Terry Riley’s “In C”

In this wonderful article, Tero Parviainen’s explores Terry Riley’s “In C” composition. “In C” provides each musician in an ensemble with a series of simple patterns and leaves the musicians to choose how many times they play each pattern and when to move on to the next. Tero explains how such simple rules, combined with the musicians’ intuition and sensitivity leads to an endless number of interpretations of the piece. Beautiful interactive examples in the article let you hear these variations for yourself.