Sound from earthquakes

There are about 1.4 million earthquakes every year

Fortunately, the vast majority of them are low in magnitude, occur in uninhabited areas or are centred deep in the Earth’s crust. is a visualisation of all detected earthquakes over the previous day. The events are shown in the order they happened during the day, using the daily data feed from the US Geological Service which is updated every five minutes.

Re-addressing Audio Analysis

For the 12th day of the 12 devs of Christmas advent calendar, Ruth John explained how to visualise sounds using the Web Audio API. I must have missed this in the run up to Christmas, but it’s a fantastic tutorial on building an animated level meter driven by the frequency content of audio.

Beat ‘dis: Re-addressing Audio Analysis – 12 Devs of Xmas

A new website for tone.js

Yotam Mann has created a new website for his extensive tone.js library. tone.js provides a slightly higher-level API on top of the Web Audio API with support for scheduling sounds, combining node graphs into reusable components, additional oscillator types and more. This new website for the library acts as an introduction and a tutorial.

Dynamic game audio

An in-depth article from Louis Philippe Dion on various techniques for creating dynamic game effects that react to the environment and circumstances the player finds themselves in. There’s nothing Web Audio-specific in this article but the techniques for creating simulated acoustic environments can be applied using the Web Audio’s panner and convolver nodes.

Leander Herzog

Leander Herzog is a visual and sound artist who also creates works for the web. These audio/visual pieces have a great lo-fi, glitchy aesthetic.

Leander Herzog

How the brain perceives rhythm

Neuroscientists at MIT have discovered that the brain is particularly biased towards hearing and producing rhythms composed of simple ratios.

Mountain Pasture: The sound of the alps

On a day like today, I wish I were wandering alone in the alps, a babbling brook at my feet; the faint mewing of a goat for company. This is the next best thing.