Radio Garden

Explore the radio stations of the world with this application. As you spin the globe random radio stations from each location are played. I found it surprisingly addictive to explore the similarities in music played across the world but the huge differences in speech and local radio. The Creative Applications write up gives some more of the technical detail behind the project.


WeTracker is a faithful reconstruction of a 90’s style Tracker application (and in particular is modelled after FastTracker2). Trackers were heavily used in the demoscene and could create compact, multi-sampled compositions for games. WeTracker has support for loading MOD files, so you can try playing some [songs from the ModLand archive. If you’re interested in Tracker music Paul Gregory the author of WeTracker is looking for collaborators so take a look at the repo.

Probe: AudioTool Online Sample Editor

AudioTool have long provided an online, collaborative music making platform based on Flash. They have started work to migrate the tool to the web platform using the Web Audio API but for such a complicated application this is a huge amount of work. Recently they announced a stand-alone tool called Probe which acts as a fully-featured sample editor. The waveform zooming, selection and editing in particular is very fast and intuitive.

Chant by Waterplea

An impressive ASCII-based multi-channel composition environment from the band Waterplea.


Hebdomad is a Xenharmonic Musical Instrument - that is an instrument designed to allow you to explore the spaces between the standard 12 notes used in a traditional western music octave. The application has a range of built in 7-note scales to try.

Musical Chord Progression Arpeggiator

A fun application for exploring arpeggios in different styles and keys.

The original TETRIS game simulator

This TETRIS clone implemented in JavaScript attempts to recreate the look and sounds of the original 1984 version for the DVK-2 computer.

8-bit Music Theory

The 8-bit Theory YouTube channel explores classic video game music to work out how and why it sounds the way it does.