Matt DesLauriers Audiograph is a “visual exploration of Pilotpriest’s 2016 album, TRANS”. It uses WebGL and Web Audio to create a visualization for each of the album’s tracks, and also makes use of Dolby’s Digital Plus where supported. Matt has also made the code available on Github.


The Web Audio API is designed around the idea of “per block” sampling. If you connect an Oscillator node to the destination, for example, the underlying audio engine is actually creating a block of 128 sample at a time to the output. In practice this limitation is not too significant, and it vastly improves the efficiency of the implementation.

However for some operations, if you want to create a delay node with a delay time shorter than 128 samples, for example, the block-passing technique is not suitable. In these cases, genish.js is a library that can help. It processes samples through the audio graph one sample at a time.

It does this by generating a callback function that can be passed to a ScriptProcessor node - an approach that currently has its own limitations as the documentation explains.

This is an exciting project, one that will appeal to people coming to Web Audio from a PD or MAX/MSP background, and it looks set to see dramatic efficiency boosts with the arrival of the ScriptProcessor replacement AudioWorklet.

Tiny 808

Joe Sullivan has been working on some accurate synthesised recreations of the original Roland TR-808 drum sounds. You can play with the whole set using his “Tiny 808” synth, or install them as individual npm packages from his github page.


A fun Web Audio Theremin application - also available in the chrome store.

Chrome Music Lab: Making Kandinski

Kandinsky is a musical toy from Chrome Music Labs that lets you draw shapes and see them come alive as funny, music-making creatures. In this blog post the developers go into detail about the WebGL and Web Audio techniques they used to create it.

Scribble Audio

Turn your scribbles into tunes with this new Web Audio tool from Kyle Stetz. I love the “record wav file” button which immediately creates a recording of your composition for download.

Pixel Synth

Turn images - ones you’ve drawn or uploaded - into glitchy compositions.