Web Audio Arpeggiator

This arpeggiator-sequencer by David DeSandro has a very slick and playable interface, combining a simple single-oscillator synth with a arpeggiator pattern that applies to each note that is played (with the QWERTY keyboard). It is really easy to layer up repeating patterns and then adjust the speed and filter settings while the notes are held. The timing is a little shaky due to a reliance on standard JavaScript timers instead of the built in Web Audio clock. If you’re looking to experiment with similar ideas, be sure to check out this article on scheduling and timing with Web Audio before you get started.


Klangmeister is a live coding environment for the browser. That is - you write code to synthesise sounds and compose melodies, but changing the code itself immediately influences the performance. The language you write in is Clojurescript - a compiler for the Clojure language that compiles to JavaScript. The overtone live coding environment is also clojure-based, but Klangmeister has the advantage of running directly in the browser. And if live-coding interests you, but you’re more comfortable with JavaScript take a look at lissajous.

In brief

  • http://scratchthecampaign.com/: Remix and scratch US presidential campaign soundbites on your phone or tablet.
  • http://cadburyflavourites.co.uk/: Confectionary giants Cadbury use Web Audio to allow you to “mix” your favourite chocolate bars.
  • droptivist: Matt McKegg AKA Destroy with Science releases his new album composed entirely with JavaScript and Web Audio.

MediaRecorder API implemented in Google Chrome

The MediaRecorder API is an exciting addition to the web platform media APIs. It allows you to record audio and video in your web applications from a variety of sources such as WebRTC, the screen, a webcam (via getUserMedia) or, soon, the output of a Web Audio API audiocontext. There’s loads more details and code examples in the blog post on Google Developers.

Stochastic Synthesis

Nick Collins a researcher and composer with an interest in generative computer music and stochastic synthesis also experiments with the Web Audio API, including this implementation of Iannis Xanakis’s work GENDY.


Flat.io is a collaborative, online sheet music editor designed to provide a simple and low-friction tool for music students, musicians and teachers. This combination of the web platform and Web Audio seems to be a interesting niche for the right applications; flat.io joins Noteflight and Soundslice in this space.

Angular 2 / TypeScript and Web Audio

Leigh Caplan talks about building Web Audio applications using the Angular framework and the TypeScript JS compiler at a recent SeattleJS meetup. This looks like a really powerful combination of technologies for building robust, responsive Web Audio apps.

Wintergatan Marble Machine

The culmination of an amazing design and build process, this video from Swedish band Wintergatan is mesmerising. 2,000 ball bearings whirr inside a Heath Robinson-like wooden contraption hitting and bouncing off analogue and electronic instruments to produce techno-style music. The “making of” videos are equally wonderful.