An introduction to Web MIDI and Web Audio

This blog post from Stéphane Péricat is a comprehensive introduction to building applications that combine the Web Audio API with the Web MIDI API - allowing you to build applications that can be controlled by MIDI hardware. There’s not a lot of documentation for the Web MIDI API out there yet, mainly due to its limited support in existing browsers (only Chrome has support at the moment). But tutorials such as this should let developers build some compelling demos of the potentials of the API.

Audio Visualisation with the Web Audio API

A fun, clear tutorial that shows how to create animations that are synchronised to sound by leveraging the built in frequency analysis provided by the Web Audio API’s AnalyserNode.

Experiments with DART and Web Audio

William Quartz wrote to tell me about his experiments building up the audio capabilities for his game engine using the new language Dart. In doing so, he’s created a JavaScript version which can be generated from the Dart code. To be fair, I don’t have any experience of Dart or how to get this working, but it’s interesting to see how William has been able to generate complex Web Audio API Node graphs from his Dart code. Worth digging into in more detail if you’re a Dart fan.


More highlights from the Web Audio Conference

Bill Walker shares his personal highlights from last month’s International Web Audio Conference in Paris. There’s a lot of great talks, libraries and papers to explore from the event! Also, if you’re a new subscriber to WAW you may have missed my write up of the conference from last week, so go and have a read of that too.

Web Audio Developer Tools for Chrome

Stuart Memo opened a bug for Chrome bemoaning the lack of developer tools for Web Audio, similar to the wonderful Web Audio Editor in Firefox. Worth a shot, Stuart!

WebAudioSynth V2

A Web Audio synth inspired by the MiniMoog and rendered in glorious 3D using WebGL. I love the lighting effects when you hover over the controls, and the animated key presses on the keyboard.

Music Thing

Music Thing is an open-source DIY modular synth toolkit, with full schematics and part lists available to view and clone on Github. There’s a lot of great synth demos on the site and I particularly love the reading list.