Web Audio and 3D Soundscapes

A great tutorial on using the spatial-positioning features of the Web Audio API for game developers. It discusses how to load sounds and then arrange for them to play as if they were positioned somewhere in the 3-dimensional space surrounding the listener.

Web Audio Timing Tutorial

The Web Audio API provides an accurate, predictable clock for triggering audio events. This is very important when building applications which require a steady rhythm, for example a drum machine. One of the issues you’ll face in building this kind of application is how to synchronise the Web Audio clock with the regular JavaScript timer to allow changes in the user interface to influence the audio playback. This tutorial walks through the creation of a drum sequencer with particular emphasis on the timing aspects.

Tools for the 21st century musician

Soledad Penadés gave a great presentation at the Full Frontal JavaScript Conference in Brighton this year. The video of her talk is now on YouTube and Soledad has put the slides online too. A great intro to the Web Audio API for newcomers, and an introduction to the OpenMusic Web Audio toolkit for more experienced developers.

Visualisations of live radio streams

An experimental mash-up of live radio streams, sound analysis using the Web Audio API and animated GIFs. This seems to work on Google Canary only for now, although it will load without audio on FF nightly.

How To Draw Mushrooms On An Oscilloscope With Sound

Ever wondered how to draw pictures of mushrooms on analogue oscilloscopes? Me too! This YouTube video and blog post has your back.