Flora Drift

A fascinating procedural generated artwork from Luke Twyman which uses the Web Audio API to generate the accompanying music on the fly.


Jerusalem is a digital artwork from Paul Pfeiffer and Brian Fulkerson that revisits the most famous occasion in the sporting history of England, the 1966 World Cup final. Creative technologist Nat Buckley used the Web Audio API to mix the different background sound effects together, and used a variety of different fallbacks to support a wider range of browsers. The clear, unobfuscated source code makes for interesting reading.

How to Build a Supersaw Synthesizer

An interesting blog post which recreates the “super saw” synth sound made famous by the JP-8000 synth from Roland. Zach Denton recreates the sound using a series of detuned sawtooth oscillators, and shows how to hook this up to a simple visual interface using CoffeeScript and CSS.

Coursera Course on Digital Sound Design

This course starts tomorrow and looks to give a good overview of key topics in digital audio - including the fundamental acoustic principles, recording technology and synthesis.

Tuna Knobs

Terrible name, interesting idea: a set of physical rotary controls that you can use with ipad music applications. It looks like the kickstarter project has been funded, so the Dutch design company responsible, Tweetonig, are accepting pre-orders. The Wired article gives some background.