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Hello! Welcome to the July edition of Web Audio Weekly. This issue is kindly sponsered by the folks at First Sound Inc. They're looking for a Lead developer to join their team so please check out their post below if you're searching for a new gig. If you'd like to advertise in next month's newsletter, please get in touch. Hope this newsletter finds you well, friends.

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An exploration of rhythm and grooves that break the rules


A wonderful interactive blog post exploring the influence of legendary hip-hop producer J Dilla. I've just finished reading Dan Charnas' book Dilla Time (amazon, ethical book search) so this article is right up my street. I love the mix of interview, interactive widgets and explanation. /via shi.

Unravelling the Magic behind Polyrhythms


A fantastic tutorial on how to create a Steve Reich-style polyrhythmic musical piece, with accompanying visualisation in pure Javascript. /via Théo Goedert.

First Sound Inc. seeking a lead developer


First Sound Inc. is seeking a contract based lead developer to join our small, New York based remote team at a pivotal growth stage to build a breakthrough technology that optimizes digital audio for human cognitive function.

If you wish your streaming music felt as good to listen to as your vinyl record collection — and/or you’re curious about how digital audio works and how it impacts our daily experience — we need you to help us build the bridge to this gap.

Compensation is commensurate with experience.

Reach out if this seems like you, and we look forward to connecting soon.

String simulator


A really pretty string simulation optimised for touch devices. The author describes the project in more detail in this thread and has a few other string simulation projects to explore. /via Andrew.



A really stylish modular / pd-like patching environment in the browser.

Revisting "Bridge Burning" Foo Fighters Teaser


Lee Martin revists an older web project - a teaser for the opening track of the Foo Fighter's 2011 album Wasting Light. The original teaser was built with the SoundManager2 JS player but in this post Lee rebuilds the project using Howler.js and the Web Audio API.

A Simple Card Game


a reasonably violent interactive audio experience

Use headphones (and Chrome) for the full binaural audio experience.

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