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NoiseCraft is a browser-based visual programming language for sound synthesis and music. Maxime has recently restarted work on the project and has open-sourced the code. It takes inspiration from Max/MSP and PureData but has a minimalistic UI designed to be as simple as possible to facilitate learning. Find out more in Maxime's blog post, or try an example such as these relaxing ocean sounds.

Web Audio Conference 2022


Web Audio Conference 2022 is scheduled to happen this year, between the 6th and 8th July in Cannes, France. The conference welcomes web developers, music technologists, computer musicians, application designers, industry engineers, R&D scientists, academic researchers, artists, composers, students and people interested in the fields of web development, music technology, computer music, audio applications and web standards. The call for papers closes on March 15th, and the submission deadline for talks closes on April 5th.

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WebMIDI available in Firefox Nightly


In Firefox Nightly builds since 21st December there's a dom.webmidi.enabled option in about:config. Flip this to true to enable the WebMIDI API. Mozilla need help testing this so give it a try and report any bugs or experiences on bugzilla.

Adobe's Project Shasta


Adobe have released a new "AI powered" audio editing tool for the browser called Project Shasta. There's more information in the product walkthrough on YouTube. I don't know much more about it than that, but its exiting to see one of the big players build this kind of application for the web platform.



Notysing is a music education application that allows you to learn music by singing. The team wrote to tell me that they use Web Audio heavily:

We have created a custom JSON music format that can be used for music notation as well as audio sequencing, and we have created a scheduler, a sample player with its own sample instrument format. It can be run in browser and is built with cordova for both iOS and Android.

The Alienation Dance


The Alienation Dance is a new song from Rafart, released as an interactive web application (with visuals by Brazilian artist Benjamin Ramos). You can create your own mix of the song by changing the panning and levels of the various parts.

Create a sequencer using Web MIDI and a MIDI controller


A detailed video tutorial on how to use Web MIDI to create a MIDI sequencer.

Making a cpu using an analog modular synthesizer


A fun twitter thread where Kate explains how to build a CPU using the modules available in a eurorack modular synthesiser. You can run this yourself using the VCV Rack simulator.

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