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I hope this issue finds you well. Thanks for subscribing and sending me links to include in the newsletter - I really appreciate all of your support. This issue is sponsored by Interval, who are looking for WebAudio and WebRTC engineers. Check out their post below for details.

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Grooveful is one of a series of practice tools for musicians being developed by Gonçalo Abreu. You can program drum patterns, schedule tempo changes or humanise the beat. To practice your own sense of tempo, schedule the beat to drop out for a number of bars and then join back in again. Take a look at fretful.io to practice scales, chords and intervals.



Artist and composer Holly Herndon has released Holly+ a tool to allow other artists to make artwork using her voice. The tool allows you to upload an audio file and receive a download of the music sung using Holly's processed voice. The tool uses a deep neural network voice model trained on Holly's voice. The project site has detailed discussion of the motivation for the project, the implications of ownership and an experiment to share ownership using a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization).

WebAudio/WebRTC Engineer at Interval


Interval.com is hiring software engineers with a particular focus on WebAudio and WebRTC. We're a small, Sequoia-backed team with founding engineers who've joined us from Apple, Stripe and other top engineering teams. Our platform is already enabling dozens of fitness creators to build their communities, stream classes, and earn a living. We're a remote-first company with the option to work in our sunny Mission, SF office.

Music Box Fun


Music Box Fun is a beautiful digital recreation of a mechanical paper-tape music box. It allows you to easily create and share music box compositions in a charming, elegant interface that I really love.



Noteshaper is a generative music application that creates compositions from 6 parameters. Developed by Seiji Nair it's one of a number of interesting audio-visual artworks.

10 Most Wanted


10 Most Wanted is a syndicated radio show that can be customised for each radio station that decides to broadcast it. Rather than receiving an audio file the station instead installs an Electron app, using Web Audio, which creates the show to the station's requirements from a library of pre-recorded segments, music and bespoke content.

Notes on Waveguide Synthesis


In this explanation of waveguide synthesis, Pierre Cusa uses interactive examples to help the reader understand the theory and mathematics of pysical modelling. The examples are created using Sporth a stack-based audio programming language that can be included in interactive notebooks using dsp-note.

An oral history of Ragnar Kjartansson's masterpiece


In the summer of 2012, the artist Ragnar Kjartansson gathered a group of musicians at Rokeby, a historic estate in the Hudson Valley. By the end of the week, they had created a multiscreen video installation that has been acclaimed as one of the defining works of our time.

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