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Web Audio Conference 2021 videos


The online Web Audio Conference happened earlier this month, and there's lots of talks, demos and art works available to watch back on YouTube.

Drum Synthesis in JavaScript


An exploration of the deep and enjoyable subject of drum synthesis using JavaScript and the elementary library.

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Why Compose When You Can Code?


A comprehensive introduction to the Web Audio API from a media artist's perspective. It starts with an introduction to the API as it ships in browsers, and then looks at at how developers can use tone.js to make common tasks easier.

webaudio-peaks 1.0


webaudio-peaks, a small library to extract peaks from arrays of samples, has just reached its 1.0 milestone.

Profiling Web Audio apps in Chrome


I missed this article, from Google Chrome's Hongchan Choi, when it was published last year. It's a in-depth look at how to profile Web Audio (in particular Audio Worklet) code in Chrome. An excellent companion to Paul Adenot's post on profiling real-time workloads in Firefox.

Secret history of classic TV's laugh tracks


the rise of the laugh track was due to Charles Douglass (1910-2003), a Navy-trained electronics engineer/maker who went on to build a custom "Laff Box" of several dozen tape loops triggered by keys and dials.

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