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Web Audio Conference 2021 begins tomorrow


This year's Web Audio Conference begins tomorrow. It's a fully online event with each talk session scheduled twice to allow as many people as possible to attend from around the world. Register to attend.

Beat Map Algorhythmic Drummer


Beat Map is a new generative rhythm plugin for the Reason DAW. What interested me most is the web-based demo of the plugin which works in the browser.

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I Play JavaScript - Making a Web Audio Synthesizer


A great introduction to synthesis with the Web Audio API from this years NIDevConf. The 30 minute talk is accompanied by a codepen which is a great example of how to integrate Web Audio into a React application. (via Abe Tusk).

Ambient noise mixer


This application allows you to create some custom ambient sounds by mixing together recordings from freesound. The code is on github too if you want to use it as the basis of your own mixer.



A unique sequencer which uses geometric shapes placed on a 2d pane to generate sounds. The help menu explains what each shape does, while the sidebar allows endless tweaking of the synthesis parameters. The code is on github too.



Cascade is a live-coding environment. It runs in the web browser, parasitizing CSS to play MIDI signals

Generate MIDI by writing CSS. What? This.

In Argentina, cheap netbooks sparked a musical renaissance


Using his netbook as a makeshift studio, Mateo became the star that millions today know as Trueno, one of the fastest rising stars in Latin American rap.

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