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Audio Worklets available in Safari 14.1


The new version of Safari, 14.1, now has support for Audio Worklets in the Web Audio API. The API is also available un-prefixed, as per the standard. If you need a way of testing the performance of Audio Worklets in Safari (and other browsers) Jack Schaedler's Karplus-Strong stress tester is very helpful.

Waveform Playlist


Wavefom Playlist is a multiple track waveform editor written in ES2015 using the Web Audio API. It's a full-featured Audacity-inspired editor with cue points, fades, track solo and muting.

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Web Audio API is a W3C Proposed Recommendation


With a number of compatible implementations (including the Safari one above) and years of work on the specification itself, the W3C has advanced the Web Audio API to "proposed recommendation" status. This is a formal opportunity for anyone to give feedback on the API. In practice, in an age of "living standards" and browsers that auto-update, the formal publishing of the specification won't have a huge impact on end users. But it's a moment of celebration for everyone who has been involved in the project over the last 10 years. Congratulations folks!



ChordSymbol is a comprehensive chord symbol parsing library for JavaScript. It is very liberal in its input parsing - so Cm7, CMINOR7, C7min, or C7mi all parse to the same chord.

Girls Twiddling Knobs podcast


I've recently discovered this podcast where Isobel (the female DIY musician) interviews other women musicians about their work, processes and route into the industry. I particularly enjoyed a recent episode about field recording.

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