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Reactive Synth


Reactive Synth is deep modular synthesis environment in the browser. It features a large number of building block modules, as well as a useful "control surface" for controlling 2 parameters on an x-y grid. The state of every synth is stored in the URL, which makes it easy to share. You can use one of the example patches to get started.

Endless Acid Banger


An emulation of the classic acid three machine combo (a 909 and two 303s) with a twist - a randomised algorithm makes occasional changes to the patterns or synth parameters to create an endless piece of generative music.

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Web Audio Conference 2021


The program for this year's (virtual) Web Audio Conference has been announced and it looks great as ever. I'm thinking of organising an in-person meetup in London around the event if it's safe to do so (restrictions are easing here gradually). If that sounds interesting to you hit reply and let me know.

Noise in Creative Coding


I really enjoyed this explorable explanation of how to generate random noise for use in visual coding. There's a lot here that also applies to creative music coding too, and the way the post is presented is wonderful in itself.

Is WebAssembly magic performance pixie dust?


An in-depth look at how WebAssembly works, how to use AssemblyScript to write WebAssembly code in a more natural way, and whether porting existing code to assembly will immediately give you performance improvements (spoiler: it depends).

Yamauchi No. 10 Family Office


I confess to having absolutely no idea what's going on here, but it has audio and it's on the web - so have at it!

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