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Abacusynth is a synth inspired by an abacus. Place different shapes on the "rods" of the abacus. The rods map to frequencies, the shapes to oscillator wave types.

Cloud Piano


Cloud Piano combines a multi-player networked game with a piano tutor. You can join or start a room and are connected to the other players using Web RTC. The music you play (using an attached MIDI controller if you wish) can be heard by others in the room. As well as sharing your own music, you can also select a pre-recorded song, and then play along (Guitar Hero style) to receive an accuracy score.

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Carp - NTS-1 sequencer


Carp is a chord arpeggio sequencer for the Korg NTS-1. It controls the synth's built in arpeggiator by sending MIDI sysex message. You'll need a Web MIDI-capable browser (the video on the project homepage shows Chrome running on Android).

Landing Pads


An infinite audiovisual composition. Leave it running, sit back and relax!



To celebrate Pi Day this application maps the digits of Pi to the notes in a musical scale. The parameter space is pretty vast, so if you'd like to hear Pi played as 1/16th notes at 1000BPM in a augmented lydian scale you've come to the right place.

BBC Orchestrated Audio


To provide a more immersive experience when watching sports at home (which is all we can do at the moment, at least here in the UK), BBC R&D have been experimenting with synchronising sound on additional devices (such as phones) with the audio/video on a main device (such as a TV). This blog post has more details, and a twitter thread from one of the engineers discusses using Web Audio to calibrate the experience.

Sisters With Transistors


SISTERS WITH TRANSISTORS is the remarkable untold story of electronic music’s female pioneers, composers who embraced machines and their liberating technologies to utterly transform how we produce and listen to music today.

I'm really excited for this documentary about "electronic music's unsung heroines". Watch out for in-person and online screenings coming up later in the year.

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