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Efflux is a tracker sequencer application. It features a built in synthesiser for each track. The synth can be controlled using a MIDI controller (on browsers that support Web MIDI) and you can record the output of your composition directly to a WAV.

Generative Breakcore


As part of Genuary 2021, the month of generative art, Piter Pasma created this endlessly generative jungle cut-up of the Amen Break. Massive.

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Web Synth - Kaoss Pad style Synth


A fun performance synth in the style of the classic Korg Kaoss Pad. Play notes using QWERTY keys and control effect parameters using the x-y pad. Take a look at the code to see how it's built.

Introduction to the Web Audio API


If you're new to developing audio applications in the browser, this is a an up-to-date introduction to the Web Audio API. The tutorial is based around the synthesis of drum sounds (something I also wrote about several years ago) and covers using synthesis for bass and snare drum sounds, and sample-based techniques for hi-hats.

MIDI Slide Whistle


A wonderful write-up of the building of a MIDI-controlled, mechanical slide whistle. I particularly enjoyed the rendition of Mr. Sandman, but do spend some time with the rest of the article. I'm not saying this will solve all of the worlds problems, but it's got to be a part of the solution?

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