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ChipTone is an in-browser tool for designing sounds to be used in games. The author, Tom Vian, has ported the original Flash version to the web using Web Audio. It features a great 8-bit sounding effects chain, arpeggiator and an FM synth engine. The randomize and mutate buttons make it easy to generate a huge range of different sounds quickly.



Patchcab is a VCV Rack inspired modular synthesiser in the browser built on top of Tone.js. It looks great and the source code is a really interesting example of how to structure a complicated Web Audio application using the Svelte framework.

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SOUL - a new language for writing audio code


The SOUL project recently announced the release of version 1 of the SOUL language. SOUL is domain-specific language for writing audio processing (DSP) code, and a runtime for running that code on hardware. In edition SOUL code can be compiled to C++ or WASM. The latter can run in the browser in the context of Web Audio applications. The browser playground, soul.dev lets you get a feel for the language by writing and running it in the browser.

iReal to MusicXML


A handy library for converting iReal Pro sheet music files to the open MusicXML format. If you don't want to run the code yourself, you can use Karim's handy web wrapper. Find out more about the origins and future of the project in this blog post.

MIDI has a slick new brand identity


An in-depth look into the design and implementation of a new identity for the MIDI specification. Will this become as ubiquitous and instantly recognisable as the classic 80's logo?

Netflix - The case of the extra 40 ms


A fun debugging tale recounting Netflix's engineering team tracking down a problematic 40ms of latency in the audio processing an a specific Android-powered set-top box. Not specific to Web Audio but I'm sure the joy (and frustration) of working with audio code is a story we can all relate to.

Synesthesia - An audiovisual synthesizer


Synesthesia is an experiment combining real-time graphics and audio to create visual and musical phrases. Playable on your computer keyboard.


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