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If your 2021 resolution is to get a job working with Web Audio take a look at our sponsored post from Tscripts below. And in the meantime there's some seriously addictive browser based instruments to play. If you enjoy Web Audio Weekly you can buy me a coffee or just hit reply to this email and say hello.

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WebSynths - Grooves


Grooves is a new browser-based sampling drum machine from WebSynths (see their previous microtonal synth). It features a very comprehensive polymetric 8-track sequencer with step randomisation and parameter-locking. There's a large library of one-shot samples to choose from and you can hook up a MIDI controller to record patterns using your favourite controller.

Bauble FM Drum Machine


Elf Audio, makers of the wonderful iOS and Android sampler Koala, have released this FM Drum Machine. There's a crunchy default drum set, a 6-track sequencer and really fun randomisation options. It's inspired by the Elektron model:cylces and sounds fantastic.

Web Audio engineer required


Tscripts.com is looking for a contract javascript engineer with HTML5 Web Audio knowledge and experience to build an advanced audio controller and EQ. Initial iterations are functional with progressive integration into products. This is a contracted project opportunity. Interested? Email chris /at/ tscripts /dot/ com.

Tony-b machine


This one takes me back - a drum/groove machine based on the Commodore 64 SID chip. Think glitchy chip-tunes but with an amazing range of available sounds. The faithful SID emulation is paired with an easy-to-use sequencer, QWERTY keyboard control and optional support for MIDI keyboards and game controllers (via the Gamepad API).

How Instruō Went Virtual


A very interesting interview with Jason Lim from Glasgow based synth maker Instruō. I thought this might interest readers of this newsletter because the conversation covers porting hardware synths to software (in this case the VCV platform) and gets quite in-depth on the nitty-gritty technical issues like performance, testing and modelling of analogue circuity.

Purescript Audio Behaviours


purescript-behaviors is a project to allow developers to more naturally work with time based events in the Purescript JS dialect. purescript-audio-behaviors extends this concept to working with audio. As the author puts it "you describe the way audio should behave at a given time, and the function is sampled at regular intervals to build the audio graph".

This Break Does Not Exist


What if you trained a WaveGAN neural network with 5000 vintage drum breaks and then asked it to play for an hour? An endless source of copyright-free sampling material for your next 90s jungle record.

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