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Procedural Audio On the Web: Part One


A brilliant tutorial on procedural audio - the technique of synthesising sounds in virtual environments so that parameters can be altered to generate infinite variations. Here Berrak teaches us how to create a 3D world with the noise of a virtual air-conditioning unit.

Outer M2: 1024 byte demo


An amazing audio and visual demo crammed into 1024 bytes of uncompressed JavaScript with a blog post that explains how it works. If you like this also check out the author's talk from last year's Web Audio Conference.

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Webassembly Music


A live coding environment implemented using Webassembly running in an AudioWorklet. You can watch a video of it in action and play with it yourself. To make it work in Safari, Firefox and Edge Peter implemented a AudioWorklet polyfill that renders to audio buffers. That and the full code are interesting to study.

Jai Paul


An infinite, generative version of the song Jasmine by Jai Paul using a new tool for composition called Bronze.

standardised-audio-context v21


Chris has just released a new version of his indispensable standardised-audio-context - a library which makes the Web Audio API behave more like the spec on all platforms. This version includes support for parameter automation with cancelAndHoldAtTime(), the new semantics of copy{From,To}Channel() and makes MediaStreamAudioSourceNode pick the right channel.

Kind of Bloop


It's ten years since the release of the seminal "Kind of Bloop" - an 8bit chiptune tribute to Miles Davis' Kind of Blue. To celebrate the whole album is now free to download. Come for the surprisingly wonderful vibes, stay for the liner notes where Andy Baio talks about how the album cost him $32,500 in legal fees.