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Dattorro's Reverb KHOIN

An implementation of Jon Dattorro's reverberator effect from 1997. Khoi has used a AudioWorklet node and implemented the effect from the paper using plain JavaScript, so this is a great example to study to learn how to implement non-trivial custom effects.

Audio/Video synchronization with the Web Audio API PAUL ADENOT

A detailed blog post from Mozilla developer and Web Audio API specification co-editor Paul Adenot on the issue of latency in real time audio systems. There's a great explanation of where latency comes from, how to measure it and what you need to know to work with latency limitations imposed by the Web Audio API.

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A trombone you can play by resizing a pop-up window. File in the same joyous box you keep the legendary Pink Trombone.

Unlocking the Web Audio API ART+LOGIC

The first part of an introduction to the Web Audio API focussing on how to build an audio application using Vue.js for the UI. There's a lot of great introductory articles out there, but this one's worth a look because it's written very recently and covers working with Chrome's new autoplay policy.


A 3D recreation of Yamaha's PortaSound VSS-30 sampling synth complete with voice sampler, pattern recorder, preset-sounds and a demo button. It's Web MIDI compatible too - so if you have a controller connected, jam like it's 1987.