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I've been quiet for a while but thought I'd get back on the wagon with a new look and some new mailing list software behind the scenes. I hope you enjoy! If you've got projects you'd like to share, hit reply to get in touch. -- Chris.

Learning Synths ABLETON

A brand new educational site from DAW software experts Ableton. This is built using React and Web Audio and is designed to teach aspiring musicians the basics of synthesis and sound design.

Web Audio for Electric Guitar VITALII BOBROV

How about connecting your electric guitar to your browser and simulating classic guitar amplifier sounds using JavaScript? This tutorial has got you covered.

Did you know you can sponsor a post in Web Audio Weekly? Find out more! ยป


A set of analogue-style knob and dial controls that you can use in your Web Audio project.

Controlling browser-based synths with Ableton JAMES ROBERTSON

This blog post shows you how to bridge the gap between desktop DAW software (such as Ableton) and browser-based audio apps using Web MIDI.

Implementing a Robust Web Audio API Balance Node JORDAN ELDREDGE

While re-implementing Winamp in Web Audio Jordan needed a "balance node". This blog post covers how to create a robust, custom node type using the Web Audio API.


A WebGL music video for a band called Ladada. "Built with threejs, custom shaders, preact, and a lot of 3d modeling" says the author Neil Pullman.